Adun meriahkan sambutan majlis hari raya

Desa Gemilang, Sabtu – Kemeriahan sambutan Hari Raya Aidilfitri masih dirasai penduduk Taman desa gemilang, Sg Pusu apabila sambutan peringkat Taman tersebut telah diadakan di surau sementara Taman Desa Gemilang. Hampir 200 penduduk hadir memeriahkan majlis sambutan ini yang telah diadakan mulai sejurus selesai solat maghrib. Turut hadir memeriahkan majlis sambutan ini adalah Y.B Dato’ Dr Hasan Mohd Ali bersama dengan pegawai- pegawai dari Pusat Khidmat Masyarakat Adun Gombak Setia dan rombongannya.

Majlis bermula sejurus selelsai solat maghrib dengan ucapan pengerusi penduduk Taman Desa Gemilang, Ust Zamani dan seterusnya diikuti dengan ucapan Y.B Dato’,

Turut diadakan pada malam tersebut adalah pelancaran tabung kutipan derma bagi pembinaan Surau Taman Desa Gemilang, Surau Fatimah Az-Zahra yang telah dilancarkan oleh Y.B Dato’ Dr Hasan Ali






2 Responses

  1. Dear Editor,
    What is wrong with a person other than the Malays to be appointed to head the government agency, in this case the PKNS? I can think of only one thing – that is when the person appointed does not meet the qualifications and experiences to hold the position. But is not this criteria the same if the person so chosen is a Malay, especially if he/she is from UMNO? Must we have a lower benchmark for this at the detriment and expense of the nation? Perhaps, this is why our economy is sinking when compare to our neighboring countries.

    The government is trying to foster unity among all races for the last 52 years. They thought we should start from the schools when our young children are most receptive and easily being exposed to and accept all races, irrespective of their backgrounds. However, when the! y have g rown up, the Indians and the Chinese, will ultimately be most disheartn and disillusioned to learn that they are not being treated the same as the Malays despite the fact that they have studied hard, work hard, contributed so much to the Malaysian society and faithfully paying taxes knowing very well that this is good for the nation where we were born and bred. They will learn that there is no future in Malaysia for the non-Malays. The only way is to migrate to a greener pastures where our talents are highly recognized.

    I am one of those, after doing well in my STPM, still failed to obtain a place in local University. My poor parents had to suffer to send me to US for my first degree. After securing excellent academic results, I was offered a partial scholarship from the University in US, despite that I am a foreigner, to complete my study amidst some part-time vocation. The organization I worked for paid for my postgraduate studies. Afterwhich, I was seconded to germany to head the IT Department of this US-based company. Should I think of returning to malaysia to serve the country? Do I have the opportunity to head a division in MDEC? Not with too much fuss and protest from the “UMNO Bullies”.

    What about the naming of road names in Penang? Refer it to the Ministry of Unity? what irony! It is a wonder that such thrifty matter has to take up so much time of the elected representatives of the House when the time can be better used to discuss on how Mal;aysia can be prepared for the coming global recession. In my opinion, these “mentally-retarded” MPs are only trying to do so because theire heads are empty not knowing the going-ons in globally economic developments; they also desperately did so to gain the short-term mileage in their political career

    With these groups of ill-minded racilistic bigots, Malaysia will never progress b ut forever subjected to the backward mentality of those corr! upt, sel fish and self-denying people.

    Lau Sue Chau

  2. saya penghuni taman desa gemilang..
    berkenaan dengan surau kami yang daif..
    takde ke peruntukan dari pejabat wakil rakyat..
    sumbang la sikit kat kami..

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